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Community Games Art, Model Making & Handwriting Competitions 2016

Feb 26, 2016

These are always great competitions for Rathbeggan pupils.  Please encourage your children to complete entries for the Art/Model Making and Handwriting Competitions.  Entries will be collected at the school on Thursday 3rd of March

All entries will be collected for the following Community Games Areas - Ratoath/Rathbeggan, Dunboyne and Dunshaughlin.  Details for each competition included below.  Any queries, please contact Catherine on 086 8466495.

Art & Model Making: 

Entries must have a Community Games theme - any Community Games activity.  A full list of Community Games events can be viewed on communitygames.ie  Please remember to put Name, Address and date of birth on the back of entries. 

Age Categories for Competitions: 

Cut off date for age purposes is 31st July, 2016 - e.g. a child entered in the Under 8 age group must be over 6 years old and under 8 years old as of 31/7/2016. We will categorise all the entries when we get them into the correct age groups.


U8 and over 6 years old

U10 and over 8 years

U12 and over 10 years

U14 and over 12 years 

U16 and over 14 years

Model Making: 

U10 and over 8 years 

U12 and over 10 years 

U14 and over 12 years 

U16 and over 14 years


Entries must be based on the handwriting piece below 'The Dandelion Clock'.

U10 years and aged over 8 years old

U12 and aged over 10 years old

The Dandelion Clock

Once upon a time there was a fine dandelion plant that lived in a field. It grew many flowers – but one after another they were eaten by the brown horses that slept in the field each night.

At last the dandelion plant grew a golden flower bigger and finer than any before. The horses did not eat it, for they had found some very juicy grass at the other end of the field, and they did not visit the hedge where the dandelion lived. So the flower grew tall.

The bees came to it. So did many little flies. The flower lasted for five whole days, and then it closed its pretty petals and hid its head in its green leaves. It stayed hidden there for a few days, and then once more it straightened out its long stalk, which had grown even taller. And lo and behold, the dandelion’s golden head had turned white! All the gold had gone.

Dates to note:

Collection of entries from Schools - Thursday, 3rd March, 2016

Art & Model Making Results back to Schools on the week of 7th March, 2016

Handwriting Results back to Schools on Monday, 14th March, 2016

1st & 2nd place winners in each category qualify to represent Ratoath/Rathbeggan in theMeath Community Games Art, Model Making & Handwriting competitions which will be held in St. Seachnaill's National School, Dunshaughlin on Saturday, 9th April, 2016 at 10am.

Winners of Co. Meath Finals go onto represent Co. Meath at National Community Games Finals in August, 2016.